A public tender in Pakistan about fittings for gas pipelines has been awarded to Tecpesa early this 2019.

SSGC a Public Pakistan’s leading integrated gas Company awarded Tecpesa, in February, with a project of fittings for the network of pipelines owned by that company along the territory of the country.

During this year Tecpesa has been manufacturing all the products for this project. Pipes are up to 24 inches. Among requirements an important issue was the delivery of items along the months. A German company was involved in all inspection procedures. All these procedures where delicate due to the extreme working conditions of product at destination.

On the second half of the year the last items have been delivered. All the project ended on time on budget.

On 2019 Tecpesa has started an improvement project in the manufacturing process. With an objective of reducing delivery times and conform to customer specs, the company is making engineering and production departments more transversal. In a more integrated work with suppliers, Tecpesa is being more efficient with customers’ needs.