GRDF, a subsidiary of ENGIE for gas distribution, owner of the largest European gas distribution network and one of the biggest companies in the world issuing utility certificates, has issued the certification for the hot taping, line stopping and brushing equipment – also valve systems- manufactured by Tecpesa.

After some years of R+D have come up to light the new equipments for the French market of gas distribution. This development has been advised in coordination with departments inside the Technical and Industrial Direction of GRDF. As a result TECPESA has achieved the final certification that allows the company to operate in such a high level and specialized market.

Up to now the company was allowed to use its own equipment for the projects performed in the French market. With this certification GRDF grant license to any contracting company, even any services department of GRDF, to purchase or use equipment manufactured by Tecpesa to be used in any facility of the gas network owned by the subsidiary of ENGIE.

ENGIE, being one of the few companies in the world that issues utility certificates for hottaping and linestopping equipment, place Tecpesa in a privileged position where only few companies throughout the world have this international recognition.

Up to 8 different equipment have received this certificate: Tapping machines, linestop machines, cleaning machines and valves. Taking this opportunity Tecpesa from September and over the next 24 months will present its customers the new products it is developing, not only improvement of the equipment currently being manufactured but also new models and products. The first presentation will be the equipment now certificate by GRDF.