Tecpesa is involved in Romania in an OMV Petrom project to make its offshore facilities more efficient and safety by implementing new automate operating systems on the platforms.

Tecpesa is part of a consortium with the Romanian company AG Oil & Gas, participating in an improvement project of OMV Petrom at the Black Sea. This project is related with the offshore platforms owned by the company.

More than one year ago Tecpesa and AG Oil & Gas set up a consortium to give full solutions to the energetic business in Romania. During 2019 both have been working hard to present a project on demand leaded by OMV Petrom for implementing new automate systems on the platforms at the Black Sea. After almost a year working hand with hand the project is launching this 2020.

The Tecpesa-AG consortium is going to handle all Hot Tapping and Line Stopping operations of the project. By its side Tecpesa is going to manufacture all items required and both companies will perform all the jobs on site. A multi-countries team designed for this project and trained in Romania for this purpose has been launched for the scope of the jobs.

More than two years ago Tecpesa started developing projects in different countries of the world on a consortium basis. This way of working allows the company to adequate with more efficiency to the local requirements of each country.