Starting from the initial strategy of being a provider of specialized products and services for the energy sector, the Tecpesa history evolves from a basic distribution company to be a turnkey service provider with engineering product development, manufacturing of components and equipments; and execution of services.

Tecpesa focuses its actions on corporate values: quality, integrity, security and experience, through a deep knowledge of the market and qualified personnel in a process of continuous training.

We work as a team in a trustworthy environment. To achieve our goals and fulfill the commitments we are convinced we must walk the way with the effort of the whole team, making the most efficient use of our resources.

We have proper tools, and highly trained professionals, to develop and control each phase of the projects, launching new ideas to improve our customer service.

We seek being sustainable in every challenge we assume, not only in our relationship with customers and suppliers, but also within our organization.

We design and manufacture equipment and fittings for hottaping & linestopping, as well as perform pipeline hottaping & linestopping interventions, in transportation & distribution for gas, oil and other fluids.

We also make research and development of products & services for all energy sectors always around pipeline repair, maintenance and construction.

Developing new products and services with the investment of part of our revenues in research and engineering, attending the new challenges posed by customers, is the stimulus that makes us grow.

Being a global player with a local presence is another of our challenges we strive to implement each year, in the energy and geographic sectors where we are focused.

  • 2018

    New service Center in France

  • 2017

    New service Center and warehouse in Mexico

  • 2016

    Starting HT & LS activities in thermosolar power plants

  • 2014

    Tecpesa receives its first environmental certificate

  • 2013

    First offshore operation in a sea platform

  • 2012

    Different services done in America. First subsea intervention in a pipeline

  • 2010

    First operation in Africa

  • 2008

    Performing firsts HT & LS services outside Europe: in Asia and Oceania

  • 2007

    First HT & LS equipment fully designed and manufactured by Tecpesa

  • 2005

    Headquarter of Tecpesa moves to Alcalá de Henares

  • 2004

    Starting sales outside Spain: first country is France. Tecpesa receives its first ISO certificate

  • 2001

    Development of HT & LS fittings for natural gas industry

  • 1997

    Purchasing of hottaping equipment to perform HT in Spanish gas lines

  • 1994

    First products designed and manufactured by tecpesa for gas pipelines

  • 1992

    Starting the stategy to change the company as developer of technology

  • 1989

    Tecpesa S.A. is established as a new company supplier to a wide range of industry sectors

  • 1983

    The company turns into a distributor for oil, gas & petrochemical companies in Spain. Change the name: Técnicas para la industria petroquímica

  • 1971

    Born in Madrid Prodipe s.a., the origin of Tecpesa. A supplier for Campsa – Spanish state owned oil company-