Since mid-2018 Tecpesa with its partner in Argentina has developed several projects that consolidate the growth of the brand in this southern country.

With a strategy of increasing its global presence adjusting to each local market, Tecpesa has increased its market share in Argentina with different projects involved in a partnership with a local company. Up to now the major business in Argentina for Tecpesa are sales of fittings for hottaping and linestopping on one side, and equipment for ht&ls operations for the other. Right now the company is involved in gas market supplying fittings from 3 inch to 30”. Also set of tapping machine, valves, plugging heads, and different spare parts for equipment up to 16 inches is being manufactured to a very short delivery.

The partnership with Iglesias family company allows Tecpesa start performing from this 2019 hottaping and linestopping operations in Argentina, and not only fittings and equipment sales.