25 new products for the french market

Last March, the 22 nd , GRDF – the natural gas distribution subsidiary of ENGIE – issued the certification for 17 new references of a set of 25 issued during last months, of Tecpesa products.

After more than 18 months of hardworking between staff of GRDF and Tecpesa -mainly from Engineering and Production depts.-, the Technical Management from GrdF has issued the certification for the last set of products presented for approval. With this final certification Tecpesa has 25 new products homologated by GRDF.

Until 2017 Tecpesa was supplying 37 different products to the gas distribution network of GRDF. With these new 25 references the market grows up to 62 references, this means an increase of 67% of product line.

During more than a year and a half GRDF has been in continuous touch with Tecpesa’s teams involved in the process -in a kind of “partnership” according with GRDF strategy-. Drawings, prototypes and different tests have been developed until final certification has been issued. It has been a great recognition for the staff at Tecpesa, due the high level standards GRDF require to its suppliers.