Contract with GRDF – Groupe Engie –

TECPESA FRANCE has signed a contract with GrdF the gas distribution branch of ENGIE for up to three years to perform hot tap and line stop interventions in the GrdF network.

GrdF has awarded TECPESA FRANCE with a two year contract and a potential extension to a third year. Due to the size of the project Tecpesa France has made a partnership with TPSO to reach all the capability needed for the whole project.

From a geographical point of view the contract covers four territories: The west of the country, the southwest, the south east and part of the east. The alliance with a partner has allowed to cover the whole territories of the contract. The effectiveness of the contract starts by January 2019 to December 2020 and with an extension to December 2021.

Tecpesa has also received a temporary homologation for a new equipment developed specifically for GrdF. Awaiting the final homologation during the next year 2019, Tecpesa France and TPSO are allowed to start activities for the new contract with this new equipment.

During the two first quarters of 2018. Tecpesa France has set up a service center in the Bordeaux area. This service center has been updated with all the new equipment to allow all the team perform simultaneously up to three in line interventions at the same time along the French territory.

In coordination with the parent company, Tecpesa France also is ready to perform in line interventions in gas transmission pipelines, refineries, petrochemical plants and oil pipelines.