Tender for supply of machinery in Pakistan

SNGPL, the most important gas operator in Pakistan, based in Lahore, launched an international closed-bid tender for the purchase of machinery to carry out hot taps on their gas pipelines network located in Punjab, Khuber Pakhtunkhwa – Azad Jammu and Kashmir. The tender was addressed to machinery manufacturers with an established local distributor in the country. Two years earlier, TECPESA’s Asia Region office reached an agreement with a Pakistani local company to represent them at all bids that are released in the country.

This May, SNGPL awarded TECPESA the supply of two specialized Hot Tapping machines along with all the accessories and equipment required, which will be supplied along this year. One of the requirements to be awarded the tender is that the supplier must fulfil the “Health, Safety and Environment” codes specified by ISO and OHSAS, as the awarding company is registered under the “SMART2” program that establishes additional guidelines on those topics.

Although TECPESA began operations in Asia several years ago, it was in 2013 when a techno-commercial office was finally set up in the region, specifically in the city of Mumbai, India. Since that time they have been reaching agreements with agents and distributors in order to supply local service at each of the countries where this office is in charge. At present they are covering Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, India and Pakistan.