Tecpesa consolidates in Australia, India and Canada

Tecpesa TECPESA consolidates in Australia, India and CanadaThe company has stretched its activities to Canada, Australia and India, signing new contracts, which allows them to consolidate the weight of the business outside of Spain, resulting in 80% of the turnover last year.

Tecpesa, closed 2014 with a 10% loss over last years sales figures, due to a reduction of contracts for repair and maintenance of its main clients in Spain; activities which they have already recovered this year.

Further to the services provided for gas and oil pipelines, Tecpesa also manufactures, with own designed technology, machines and other components for the energetic industry and is providing engineering services.


In Canada, one of the worldwide leaders in production and hydrocarbon reserves, Tecpesa collaborates with the local company named Innovator. Just recently they have managed to get the certificates for machinery and products to be able to commercialize them within the country.

Tecpesa Expansion_29_04_2015“Until now, Canada was depending on technology of the United States in the gas and oil sector; we are the first European to be able to operate all types of gas and oil pipelines within the country”, as per the president of the company. The company’s forecast from now on is in between three and four million euros annually.

In the case of Australia, the company has managed to increase its sales figures, transforming a sporatic market – with one order per year – into one with recurring contracts. Furthermore, the opening of the commercial office in Bombay (India), in 2014, is archiving good results by winning four new contracts for the manufacturing of machinery and products for the gas and oils sector in Pakistan, Malaysia and Thailand.

The reality of Tecpesa has changed from its origins in 1971, when Prodipesa was founded to perform services for Repsol and Gas Natural Fenosa. Today, the assignments in Spain including both mentioned companies and others, like BP, Cepsa, CLH and Enagas, add up to 20% of its turnover.

Starting from 2007, the manipulation of oil and gas pipelines without shutdown, Tecpesa initiated its expansion abroad; France being its main market. The market of Northern Africa is managed from the office in Barcelona (Spain), where Egypt is experimenting considerable growth in the last months. Tecpesa has developed activities in 25 countries.