Tecpesa achieves orders in Canada and Egypt to work on pipeline.

EFE 05/02/2013 Barcelona, February 9 (MarketWatch).

Tecpesa, a Catalan company dedicated to the execution of specialized work in gas and oil pipelines, has received orders from Canada and Egypt for the construction and supply of machinery specialized for drilling and plugging. Tecpesa, which started its internationalization process in 2004 with his entry into France, has gainedaccess to the tight U.S. market through the Canadian contractor IS Innovator, based in Alberta. In this country, which is one of the largest oil reserves around the world, the Barcelona company has received an order for the construction and supply of drilling equipment and the repair of pipelines.

The sold equipment will be used in the maintenance and repair of pipelines by TransCanada, the leading Canadian operator of oil and gas infrastructure in the region. In a statement, Tecpesa highlighted the strategic importance of this project, as the market of the United States and Canada “is effectively blocked” by the operators of the region and, on the other hand, in North America it is necessary to own the technology in order to work with major operators of the oil and gas infrastructure.

In Egypt, Tecpesa, together with its local partner Impex, has won the tender for the state-owned Petroleum Pipeline Company (PPC) for manufacturing parts and machinery for plugging pipelines in the oil complex Qalyoubia, northeast of Cairo. Tecpesa originally started to realize services for Gas Natural and Repsol groups, although currently operates in 25 countries and works for large energy companies, including Pemex, Sonatrach, BP, Enagas or CLH. EFECOM