Special operations in Spain

Up to November TECPESA has performed different special operations in Spain.

Since the month of February till the month of November Tecpesa had different challenges in Spanish petrochemical plants and refineries that need to be highlighted. In the north of Spain several stainless steel in line interventions were successfully completed with the contractors for a port installations. On the other side a 24 hour response was required for an intervention in a refinery complex in the area of Tarragona.

A 400ºC pipeline operation was also performed in refinery at the south of Spain. Another pipeline containing hydrogen sulfide was repaired in other refinery. And also it is worth mentioning a 45 angle operation also performed in a refinery.

On the other side, a couple of triple position line stop operations where done in gas networks at the metropolitan area of Madrid. Since the second half of this year, Tecpesa is offering added services for gas distribution companies to give a bundle service not only the hottaping and line stopping operation. The stategy is to give bundle service around ht & ls not only in Spain, but next year in France and Mexico, and afterwards in the rest of countries were Tecpesa operates.