Sloped work on the axis of the pipe in a petrochemical plant in Egypt

A difficult and complicated job due to the complexity of the pipe network installed in the plant, was an attractive challenge for the engineering and services team of Tecpesa.

A 20 inch ethane pipe in the middle of a sophisticated rack of lines in a petrochemical plant in Alexandria –Egypt– was necessary to be intervened. The problem was the unavailable space to install the proper equipment to perform the job.

Engineers from the Engineering Teams for PPI, a state-owned company, coordinated with the team of Tecpesa, developed a project to make the intervention as a sloped work on the axis of the ethane pipe. To do the job with success a special fitting was designed for such an intervention, as well, part of the equipment to install in the rack was necessary to be adapted for the situation.

After months of preparation, the job was successfully performed and the line was fixed without injuring any other pipe around the intervention. As in all special applications or unique design operations Tecpesa executes all over the world, all the procedures were tested and a simulation of the job was done to fix everything according to the job situation and the customer requirements.