Project execution in solar thermal power plants

TECPESA S.A has performed multiple Hot-tap & Linestop operations in two solar thermal power plants in Spain.

The services were a goal for both Tecpesa and the Customer. For Tecpesa since it was a main high temperature project developed in this kind of power plants, and for the customer because it was the first time it used the HT&LS Technology with success in two of its facilities.

The services were several triple Linestop operations in each facility. A technical high level challenge as they involved high temperature and adaptation of Tecpesa equipment and material to work with the heat transfer fluid, the one that runs solar thermal plants.

As for the working procedures, Tecpesa studied, planned and tested all the different items involved in the execution of these services to ensure success in the job. All testings and years of experience, operating on the market, allowed Tecpesa´s team to proceed safely with the equipment and machinery to realize these services.

The job performance of this service was a unique coordination process with the customer. In this way, the perfect fit between both teams allowed the reduction of the planned operating timing for the project.