Tecpesa has bought through public auction one of the plots available in Tecnoalcalá Technological Science Park, with the aim of expanding its facilities.

Tecnoalcalá Technological Science Park managed by the state owned company Madrid Activa, after a period of analysis on the suitability of Tecpesa to be installed in its facilities, has sold, through a public auction, the plot so that Tecpesa can install its new Europe headquarters.

The R+D department, together with the engineering department, have been valuable assets with whom Tecpesa has contributed to apply as a candidate to settle in Tecnoalcalá Technological Science Park. With this plot acquisition, Tecpesa has already started the bidding process for projects to award the construction of its European headquarters.

During the first half of 2021, the bidding process is expected to be closed so that the buildings construction can begin in the second half.

The new Tecpesa headquarters in Tecnoalcalá will give an important boost to the entire R+D area of ​​the company. The project includes specific facilities to allow the development of this department in which the company is investing.

At the end of 2021 and along 2022 Tecpesa will launch new services and products on the market. It is expected that in the new facilities all the products and services whose R+D is being carried out can be developed more quickly.