New supplier certificate from TransCanada for Tecpesa

TransCanada, the energy infrastructure operator based in Calgary, Alberta, issued this month the certificate as Hot Tapping and Line Stop services supplier – tapping loaded pipelines – for any of their installations in Mexico, to the subsidiary of TECPESA in the country, TBL Ingenieria y Servicios S.A. de C.V. With this certificate, the Supplier Lifecycle Management of TransCanada opens the path for TECPESA and their subsidiaries to be global service suppliers at any of the infrastructure set ups belonging to the energy company, not just in Canada, but in all the locations where they have property or manage assets.

TBL Ingeniería y Servicios began operations in Mexico in the year 2010. Since then, it has been broadening its activity and at present supplies accessories for Line Stop jobs, as well as machinery for Hot Tapping and Line Stopping of gas or oil pipelines.

Recently they have setup a service centre from which they can carry out operations in Mexico and the countries around it for all the energy industry in the area. Mexico, along with other countries of the Middle East, are locations where TECPESA carries out also off-shore (on platform) as well as subsea jobs.