High temperature operations in Spain

TECPESA, has performed 7 high temperature interventions in the Spanish territory.

Along ten months of 2018 Tecpesa has performed 7 high temperature operations in Spain. The most part have been line stop operations in solar thermal power plants, but also some in refineries.

The most delicate operation has been the perforation of a blocked valve gate in very high temperature at a refinery, but the most common operations in high temperature nowadays are the “HTF” network of the solar thermal power plants.

During this year Tecpesa has setup a specific team to face high temperature challenges. New products and solutions to give support in this market are coming for the next year, and the company will be ready to offer worldwide this R+D solutions.

Spain has made a serious commitment to clean energies. At the present time more than 20 solar thermal power plants are currently in service, under construction or in project phase in Spain, and on the other hand Spanish companies are operating or involved in this kind of power plants all over the world. Tecpesa is now involved in projects for the next year 2019.