36″ Double position line stop in Turkey

TECPESA has performed a 36” project of hottaping and line stopping in Turkey during this month of August.

Among different projects ongoing in Turkey during this year, Tecpesa has performed a 36” double position stopple operation in a natural gas transmission pipeline. The role to get the success of this project has been the coordination between all the players of the job with the lead of our partner in Turkey. Line Stop operation in gas transmission pipelines above 30” have to be handled with the proper protocols to assure a safety first intervention as well as a correct response to the customer need. In this way the full cooperation within all contractors has made possible a fast-in-time operation with all the safety guarantee measures.

Tecpesa and its partner in Turkey are performing several hot tap and line stop projects along all the territory of Turkey mainly in transmission pipelines. Other operations are also performed in gas distribution networks. Tecpesa is also selling equipment for gas distribution companies in the Turkish territory.