From January 2020 to September Tecpesa has been supplying machinery and equipment for the oil industry in Iraq.

Tecpesa, in collaboration with its local partner, has supplied throughout 2020 different shipments of machinery, valves and fittings for the oil industry in the Maysan governorate.

The growth of oil production in Iraq has allowed the state oil industry to undertake investments that contributes the extraction, production and transportation processes being more efficient, an essential question for the country’s economy. Tecpesa is participating in different local projects with its partner. This partnership allows to provide local coverage in the Basra, Maysan, Baghdad and Diwaniya regions.

During this year 2020, all the items supplied allows performing operations up to 42 ”. Due to the volume of the project, shipments have been made throughout the year. In some cases due to the emergency of some operations, urgent fittings delivery has also been necessary.

Good coordination with the end customer, from the inspection processes in equipment manufacturing, to the logistics operations, has made possible, for all the equipment, to be delivered on time and none of the planned works was delayed.

Adjustment to the country regulations, carried out through our local partner, has made possible for Tecpesa to provide the service needed by the end customer. For this reason by the year 2021 new projects are underway in Iraq to cover the oil industry needs.


Minutes prior to the inspection of one of the partial shipments, upon arrival at Iraq.