Business summit in the United Arab Emirates

Tecpesa´s CEO, along with the management committee members attended several meetings in Abu Dhabi to talk about the projects performed and those coming up in the near future. The main meeting was at GASCO´s Head Office with Senior VP, Mr. Khaled Ghanem, who was grateful for the execution of several Hot Tap and Line Stop operations carried out by Tecpesa this year in a quite important project for his company. Once analysed this project, the Senior VP encouraged Tecpesa to continue the path begun some time ago along with GASCO, to participate in more projects with them. From this meeting, others followed with various departments involved in the projects that require Hot Tap or Line Stop. These meetings have allowed Tecpesa to reach new projects in Abu Dhabi.

Taking advantage of Tecpesa’s directors’ visit to GASCO, they were also able to meet with Mr. Ahmed Ali Al Shorafa, member and representative of the family owning the United Eastern group, which holds a strategic alliance with Tecpesa for the region. Based this meeting, a more active plan of action was set in motion in order to expand the service centre Tecpesa currently has in the Emirates and attend to the requirements of other companies in the ADNOC group, for downstream or midstream operations. Within this group we can find Takreer, their refining division, to whom Tecpesa has already provided Hot Tapping and Line Stopping services in their refining plants. In order to tackle the coming year 2016, both companies are developing a strategic plan that allows providing not just the Hot Tap and Line Stop services, but a Turnkey solution which is now-a-days more requested by the EPC contractors in the region.

Currently Tecpesa does not carry out only Hot Tapping and Line Stop services from their service centre in the Emirates. The firm also sells Hot Tap and Line Stop machinery for oil and gas pipelines. In the Emirates there is a large number of contractors that execute projects for several countries in the Middle East and their centre of operations is established in this country. Hence they reach to Tecpesa´s subsidiary in the region to purchase the equipment needed for such operations.