24″ Pipeline intervention in Oman

TECPESA with its partner in Oman has accomplished an inline intervention on a 24inch pipeline in the Sultanate of Oman.

The operation was complex due to a couple of complex issues. In one side the line was a gas flare pipe in a refinery. These kind of lines are risky to operate not only because the activity but also for the strategic position of gas flare in the process. On the other hand the operation had to be performed with a 35 grade position of the equipment towards the line.

An engineered design of the fitting and several technical meetings on site where necessary to assure a complete success for the operation. The fitting designed for such purpose was required to receive extra tests and certifications to get the approval from the final customer. After an intense summer season with the project, finally the operation was performed by the end of the year. Every step was fixed with security and with the time lapses required by the customer.